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Registration form for a mobile home parking space
in Waldsassen

Welcome in Waldsassen!


Please fill out this form (per pitch) on the day of arrival. The form must be current for the day.


Pitch Fee

Fee per motorhome/night: 5.00 euros

Maximum length of stay: 3 days


Disposal Facilities:

At the Waldsassen sewage treatment plant (Klärwerkstraße), only with prior telephone registration at +469632915411.


Electricity Supply:

The duration of electricity consumption depends on the coin insertion at the beginning of electricity consumption:

2 euros = 10 hours - 4 euros = 20 hours

It is not possible to add more coins during the usage period!

Camper parking space

User data

Travel data

If you want to extend your travel period, please contact our Tourist-Information.

Payment options

  • Cash in the Tourist-Information

Declaration of consent

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Questions to:


Stadt Waldsassen


Basilikaplatz 3

95652 Waldsassen


Tel.: +49963288160



Data protection

Art. 13 GDPR obligation to provide information when collecting personal data from the data subject.